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Are You Gonna Be My Girl TabAre You Gonna Be My Girl ChordsCold Hard Bitch TabClassic Riffs TabNothing To Say TabNo Secrets TabNo Secrets ChordsThe Eyes Of Lara Moon TabChange My Ways TabWorking Class Man TabWorking Class Man ChordsSorry Doesn't Cut It TabSorry Doesn't Cut It ChordsRoyal Jelly TabPerception Twin TabDarkness Of The Forest TabOne In A Million TabGirl Friday TabKain TabSober TabA.D TabHuman Systems TabFaculties of The Mind TabWet Blanket TabRock On TabSweet And Low TabPerfect TabDe Voces TabFrom The Sea TabFrom The Sea ChordsYou're The Voice TabYou're The Voice ChordsHard Act To Follow TabReady 1 TabScalped TabDc X 3 TabHold On Me TabChampion TabIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N Roll) TabHoly Grail TabHoly Grail ChordsSuicide Blonde TabSuicide Blonde ChordsBig Mistake TabBig Mistake ChordsNever Tear Us Apart TabNever Tear Us Apart ChordsBy My Side TabBy My Side ChordsThat Day TabNeed You Tonight TabNeed You Tonight ChordsCardinal Sin TabWrong Impression TabWrong Impression ChordsWhat You Need TabTimothy TabTimothy ChordsZebra TabHey Kids TabHey Kids ChordsLook What You've Done TabLook What You've Done ChordsLazy Gun TabLazy Gun ChordsLast Chance TabAstral Boy TabI Am TabPeace TabPrisoner Of Society TabPrisoner Of Society ChordsTabloid Magazine TabHelp Is On It's Way TabPictures In The Mirror TabAll Torn Down TabCatch My Disease TabCatch My Disease ChordsMy Country TabGod Shape Void TabDown Under TabDown Under ChordsWho Can It Be Now TabThe Dead Heart TabThe Dead Heart ChordsBlue Sky Mine TabBlue Sky Mine ChordsRiver Runs Red TabA Beat For You TabPassenger TabPassenger ChordsLike A Dog TabGood-Day Ray TabOn My Mind TabTrading Places TabTorn TabTorn ChordsTwenty Miles TabBlack Bugs TabWorld Upon Your Shoulders (Intro) TabLie To Me TabEmotion Sickness TabThe Lever TabBetter TabWith Absence Of Warning TabMemorial Of Death TabThe Door TabUntitled TabI Knew I Loved You TabI Knew I Loved You ChordsSteam Will Rise TabAfter All These Years (Intro) TabSlave TabTrash TabFreak TabFreak ChordsWorld Upon Your Shoulders TabBlack Betty TabCaptain (Million Miles An Hour) TabThe Astronaut TabStargazer TabRegression Song TabThe Disabler Pt. 1 TabCalypso TabAlready Gone TabFrosty Night TabHole In The Sun TabJump In My Car TabHardcore Gamer TabRumble TabRide TabRide ChordsRainfall TabRainfall ChordsSun Child TabSun Child ChordsAin't No Room TabAin't No Room ChordsMs Jackson TabMs Jackson ChordsMary Jane TabMary Jane ChordsEvil Town TabWinning Days TabWinning Days ChordsBlack Ice (Solo) TabWoman TabWoman Chords60 Intentional TabJoker And The Thief TabMind's Eye TabPoint Of Difference TabPoint Of Difference ChordsOverkill (Bass) TabTales From The Forest Of Gnomes TabTales From The Forest Of Gnomes ChordsColossal TabA Cold Day In Hell TabLady (Solo) TabCan't Stop Rock'n Roll TabHighway To Hell (Ver.2) TabEvie Part 1 TabEvie Part 2 TabEvie Part 2 ChordsDon't Dream It's Over TabDon't Dream It's Over ChordsUnder The Milky Way TabUnder The Milky Way ChordsStormy May Day TabRip It Up TabGirls In Black TabYour Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Necktie TabBoys Light Up TabBoys Light Up ChordsMountain Spring TabArt Of Way TabWash Me Clean TabWish You Well TabWish You Well ChordsSongbird TabSongbird ChordsSleepless Nights And City Lights TabMe TabSkew TabMati Hidup Kembali TabMati Hidup Kembali ChordsVio-Pipe TabWhite Unicorn TabWhite Unicorn ChordsBet It All On Black TabKiss The Rings TabTocame TabKhe Sahn TabKhe Sahn ChordsOverkill TabOverkill ChordsBeautiful World TabBeautiful World ChordsInto Temptation TabInto Temptation ChordsLike Nails To A Casket TabWhore To A Chainsaw TabBeds Are Burning TabBeds Are Burning ChordsSharks In Your Mouth TabYour Going Down TabStage Jam TabRain TabRain ChordsDepression Part 1 TabBlack Ice TabWar Machine TabSkies On Fire TabRock 'n' Roll Dream TabRock 'n' Roll Dream ChordsWheels TabRocking All The Way TabConcrete Boots TabConcrete Boots ChordsRunnin Wild TabOne Crowded Hour TabOne Crowded Hour ChordsBroken Bones TabBroken Bones ChordsVitriol TabDune TabCeremony TabIsolation Cursed TabAun Te Amo TabAun Te Amo ChordsVeinte Para Las Doce TabLa Mar The Ocean TabLa Mar The Ocean ChordsShade TabShade ChordsAna's Song (Open Fire) TabCemetery TabCemetery ChordsFragile TabFragile ChordsLast Night On Earth TabLast Night On Earth ChordsInnocent Eyes TabInnocent Eyes ChordsFight Like The Devil TabI Touch Myself TabI Touch Myself ChordsLondon Bombs TabLondon Bombs ChordsBlack Fingernails Red Wine TabBlack Fingernails Red Wine ChordsIt's Too Late TabIt's Too Late ChordsThis Heart Attack TabFive Months TabRomance Is Dead TabBlood TabPunch In The Face TabDon't Change TabLost Control TabNo Reason TabBad Funk Stripe TabBlack Tattoo TabJust Ace TabChemical Heart TabChemical Heart ChordsBetter Off Alone TabBetter Off Alone ChordsRepeat TabAmerican Party Bomb Tab1000 Miles TabHollow Like Cheyenne TabSafe Forever TabSnakeskin TabSiren's Song TabDon't Seperate Us TabWhen Goodbye Means Forever Tab666 TabHeadfirst From A Hangmans Noose TabSlain Upon My Faithful Sword TabSay Goodbye TabThere Will Be No Violins When You Die TabPretty Vegas TabPretty Vegas ChordsDevil Inside TabThe One Thing TabThe One Thing ChordsNot Enough Time TabNot Enough Time ChordsKiss The Dirt TabKiss The Dirt ChordsOriginal Sin TabDancing On The Jetty TabAnimal TabHarpoon TabHarpoon ChordsHoliday TabHoliday ChordsPut Your Money Where Your Mouth Is TabPut Your Money Where Your Mouth Is ChordsBetter Than TabBetter Than ChordsDaniella TabCaroline TabSista TabSista ChordsFunky Tonight TabBetterman TabBetterman ChordsMiddle Of The Hill TabMiddle Of The Hill ChordsFear Of The Sky TabThemata TabChange TabDo's Do's and Whoa-oh's TabMorning TabFace Without A Name TabOpinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night TabOpinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night ChordsSpray On Pants TabIsrael's Son TabThis Old Love TabNaked And Wounded TabMon Chile Mon Pabe TabFore TabFollow The Son TabHigher TabLand Down Under TabLand Down Under ChordsShadows TabWedding Cake Island TabWedding Cake Island ChordsCruelty Incarnate TabDead Rise TabBehind Angry Eyes TabNightmare Of The Day TabLast Chaos TabHeartbeat TabFruity Lexia Drums TabMacrocosmic Void TabOverkill TabWe Aren't Fallen Just Waiting TabMass Brutality With A Rusty Knife TabEscape From Dunoon TabAddiction TabLies TabWizzards TabDreaming TabShattered Mind TabEverything Im Not TabEverything Im Not ChordsEverything Im Not (Intro) TabHeartseeker TabWishing I Was There TabWishing I Was There ChordsBeauty On The Fire TabBeauty On The Fire ChordsPigeons And Crumbs TabPigeons And Crumbs ChordsSmoke TabSmoke ChordsSunlight TabShiver TabShiver ChordsPerfect Day TabFrom The Start TabIt's Hard To Speak Without A Tongue TabGimme A D TabCarrion TabCarrion ChordsBlackout TabBoneyards TabFeed Them To The Pigs TabHorizons TabFrostbite TabPicture Perfect, Pathetic TabMutiny TabBreaking Point TabCruise TabDon't Close Your Eyes TabGuns For Show Knives For A Pro TabPainkiller TabSaving Grace TabSaving Grace ChordsFeeler TabFeeler ChordsFreedom TabBetter Days TabBetter Days ChordsTen Ft Tall TabTen Ft Tall ChordsOpportunity TabOpportunity ChordsSo Beautiful TabSo Beautiful ChordsLines TabJc TabJc ChordsLost And Running TabLost And Running ChordsMy Happiness TabMy Happiness ChordsI Don't Remember TabI Don't Remember ChordsFunkytown TabPsycroptipath TabSlaves Of Nil TabObservant TabTo A Modern Love TabTo A Modern Love ChordsWatching You TabSweet Disposition TabSweet Disposition ChordsParanoias TabWoman By The Well TabGardens End TabBye Bye Pride Go-Betweens Cover TabTruly Madly Deeply TabTruly Madly Deeply ChordsCrash And Burn TabCrash And Burn ChordsTo The Moon And Back TabTo The Moon And Back ChordsOne Step Closer TabOne Step Closer ChordsShimmy A Go Go TabRockin With My Friends TabAll The Same TabAll The Same ChordsAnywhere But Here TabAnywhere But Here ChordsWithout You TabWithout You ChordsBlack Tangled Heart TabOne Way Mule TabGreatest View TabGreatest View ChordsSpawn Again TabPaint Pastel Princess TabSuicidal Dream TabMiss You Love TabMiss You Love ChordsTo Much Of Not Enough TabStraight Lines TabStraight Lines ChordsPoint Of Veiw TabUndecided TabUndecided ChordsRoses TabTomorrow TabTomorrow ChordsDearest Helpless TabSatin Sheets TabFindaway TabFindaway ChordsFaultline TabFaultline ChordsLeave Me Out TabPure Massacre TabPure Massacre ChordsAbuse Me TabPop Song For Us Reject TabAfter All These Years TabAfter All These Years ChordsAnthem For The Year 2000 TabDo You Feel The Same TabDo You Feel The Same ChordsMadman TabLivin In The 70s TabWomen In Uniform TabElectricity TabDeja Vu TabDeja Vu ChordsBeautiful Sharks TabApple Of The Eye Lay Me Down TabYou Where There TabFucken Awesome TabAlone With You TabAlone With You ChordsHappy Man TabAgent 99 TabShadows TabShadows ChordsMelophobia TabQuarantine TabCarve Your Name TabEarthquake TabEmergency Emergency TabPromise Me TabBeware The Moon TabHow Do We Know TabNo Way Out TabWake Up TabLoaded Gun TabE Boogie TabTainted Love TabWest End Riot TabWhite Noise TabSecond Solution TabEnd Of The World TabAre You The One TabTalk Like That TabTalk Like That ChordsGeorgy Girl TabGeorgy Girl ChordsRed-Suite Girl TabWhen It First Showed Up TabRevolution TabRevolution Chords4ever Tab4ever ChordsWhen It All Falls Apart TabWhen It All Falls Apart Chords20 Good Reasons Tab20 Good Reasons ChordsClassical Gas TabBoobs TabSrial Laveur Tab2 138 Net TabLive To Live TabShe's Got Something To Say To Me TabShe's Got Something To Say To Me ChordsSpaceship TabAnysound TabAnysound ChordsMerrygoround TabHe's A Rocker TabScream TabGross Out TabAutumn Shade TabAutumn Shade ChordsVision Valley TabVision Valley ChordsLighthouse TabLighthouse ChordsPyramid TabDimension TabWitchcraft TabWitchcraft ChordsLove Train TabWhere Eagles Have Been TabThe Violence Of The Sun TabNo Woman No Cry TabSkeleton Jar TabPolka TabPolka ChordsUntouched (Acoustic) TabHowards Tale TabOdd One (Bass) TabMy World TabPitiful TabFortune Teller TabBlonde, Bad And Beautiful TabBorn To Kill TabSeeing Angels (Intro) TabCosmic Egg (Live) TabTo Look Like You TabWant TabTo The Test TabAll The Same (Acoustic) TabAll The Same (Acoustic) ChordsIts A Long Way To The Top TabIts A Long Way To The Top ChordsChewin The Fat TabNo Way But The Hard Way TabNew Moon Rising Tab10000 Feet TabApple Tree TabSundial TabCaroline TabIn The Morning TabEarths Rotation Around The Sun TabAsshole Father TabAsshole Father ChordsSet To Destroy TabLeviathan I TabOcean Live TabDistant Sun TabDistant Sun ChordsSong For Elias TabWaiting TabBomba TabFar Away TabFar Away ChordsStanding By The Sword TabDead Men Don't Tell Tales TabPatroon Island TabWhiskey On The Rocks TabMy Dynamite Will Blow You Sky High And Get Ya Moanin After Midnight TabSlow Descent TabHalcyon TabThe Saddest Thing I Know TabThe Saddest Thing I Know ChordsA Monument To Torture TabRun TabThe Cold Front TabWinter TabTonight We're Gonna Party Like Theres No Tomorrow TabFuck What You Think TabI Am The Wargod TabWe Are The People TabWe Are The People ChordsAre You Magnetic TabJeffrey Dahmers Cookbook TabGore Ridden TabEnemosity TabFuck I'm Dead TabMango Tree TabMango Tree ChordsAlright Tonight TabFrom Scythe To Sceptre TabTreaste TabThe Desolation Of Ares TabFarewell TabHarder To Stand TabDefeated TabHang Them By Their Crowns TabFive Bullet Russian Roulette TabSaturday Night Sever TabTemptress TabYou Left Me With No Goodbye TabWayside TabWayside ChordsWild At Heart TabWild At Heart ChordsBreak Me Down TabPooch Gooch TabBlind TabNobody Came TabParty Song TabSound Of Sirens TabThe Sapces Between TabOh Yeah TabOh Yeah ChordsShe's Love TabShe's Love ChordsFire In The Sky TabBound To Ramble TabLeprotic Foetal Frenzy TabSounds Of Then TabSweet As Sugar TabCarried Away TabMelted Holiday TabThrow Your Arms Around Me Live TabFire Fall Down TabFire Fall Down ChordsDeath Certificate For A Beauty Queen Tab