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Confined TabThe Darkest Nights TabForever TabReflection TabCollision TabElegy TabUndefined TabMeaning In Tragedy Tab94 Hours TabThe Beginning TabFalling Upon Deaf Ears TabSong 10 TabRose Adore TabIn Times Gone Past TabDogs Can Grow Beards All Over TabCircle The Sky TabOn Wings Of Integrity TabDeparted TabComposure TabNothing Left TabWrath Upon Ourselves TabWithin Destruction TabAn Ocean Between Us TabComfort Betrays TabBury Us All TabRepeating Yesterday TabIllusions TabThis Is Who We Are TabTruth Of My Perception TabControl Is Dead TabThrough Struggle TabReinvention TabForsaken TabYour Little Suburbia Is In Ruins TabTruth Of A Liar TabWowzers TabThe Eleventh Hour TabA Shot Below The Belt TabBack Burner TabBarbarian TabSpeech Impediment TabToo Late For Roses TabGimme Half TabBig Wiggly Style TabBen Has A Kid TabDez Moines TabDanger Wildman TabGoats On A Boat TabHey John What's Your Name Again? TabThis Song Is Called TabDialogue TabColumbia TabSaints TabThoughts In Reverse TabForced To Die TabMorning Waits TabI Never Wanted TabBlood Turned To Tears TabWhen This World Fades TabA Wish Full Of Dreams TabVital Signs TabAn American Dream TabRedemption TabThe Balance TabUp Against The Ropes TabMosley TabMy Darkness TabAleph TabThere Can Be No Hesitation TabFrom The Red TabIsabella's TabChorus Of Angels TabBlue 42 TabOne Life To TabResolve TabWhen Everything Falls TabAmerican Love TabLong Way Down TabDry Season TabO Come Emannuel TabAll I Have TabMinor Prophets TabWe Sail At Dawn TabFailed Dreams And Rude Awakenings TabAssistant To The Regional Manager TabHTML Rulez D00d TabBlueprints For Future Homes TabTo The Church TabHell Blaze TabWhite Walls TabKelsey TabI Can Revive Him With My Own Hands TabAnemia In Your Sheets TabStay Captive TabFor Now We See In A Mirror TabWatch In Faith TabReptar King Of The Ozone TabNickels Is Money Too TabSalvation TabSwords Dragons And Diet Coke TabBreathing In A New Mentality TabStrength Within TabGuide For The Helpless TabBattle On TabStand Your Ground TabFall Of Rome TabWatcher TabCalibrate The Virus TabI Hate Buffering TabGauntlet Of Solitude TabMerianas TabSassafras TabMeddler TabBeyond Our Suffering TabWapakalypse TabParallels TabAnodyne Sea TabCondemned TabCrusades TabIndonesia TabVacancy TabUpside Down Kingdom TabSaul Of Tarsus TabImmanuel The Challenger TabBenedictus TabAgape (Intro) TabIsaiah The Willing TabExistence TabOcean Of Apathy TabAnger And Apathy TabEndorphins TabVerses TabBoris The Blade TabIf We Were A Sinking Ship TabSuch Great Heights (Cover) TabOutnumbered TabMeridian TabHerod's Demise TabForgive And Forget TabHigh Rise TabLongevity TabRedemption TabElijah The Forerunner TabJoel (The Watchman) TabThe Plague TabA Thousand Steps TabThe Escape Artist TabBlinding Light TabWhite Washed TabConsumer TabChasing The Dragon TabThirty And Seven TabReflective Property TabParadox TabSorry Seacrest It's Caseys Countdown TabDriving Nails TabDriving Nails ChordsDistance Is Darkness TabFight For Your King Tab300 TabSeraphim TabThe Breakers Origin - Devastator TabKing TabThe First Words TabA Ghost Town For Graveyard TabDogs Like Vultures TabInvoke Reform TabForgiven TabNuclear TabCrown Me King TabA Banquet For Traitors TabWorld Without A Sun TabSon Of The Morning TabThe Fire Dawn TabThe Finisher TabValiant Verification TabAngel TabEscape TabYou Can't Spell Crap Without C TabLouder Than Thunder TabLouder Than Thunder ChordsRosemary Had An Accident TabAnatomy TabLord Xenu TabEmpire TabIlluminator TabScars Of Tommorow TabFailure TabDesire TabInternal Cannon TabSalt & Light TabDivisions TabPangaea TabInternal Cannon Acoustic TabConstance TabLeveler TabThirty And Seven (Correct Version) TabOcean Of Apathy (Correct Version) TabInternal Cannons TabBorn To Lose (Better Tab) TabKansas TabThe Sound Of Truth TabHoldfast TabInternal Cannon [Acoustic] TabForever Decay TabSpeak Now, I'm Listening TabThe Children Of Fire TabDivisions TabInternal Cannon Backing Track TabPoor Millionaire Tab40 Nights TabBoys Of Fall TabFading Away Acoustic ChordsAnnihilate The Corrupt Acoustic ChordsBeheaded Acoustic ChordsFading Away ChordsTalmidim ChordsSeraphim Acoustic ChordsReveries Of Flight ChordsLouder Than Thunder Acoustic ChordsHook, Line And Sinner TabA Greater Foundation (Eb/D# Standard) TabAutumn Acoustic ChordsFlurries TabFault Line TabBeauty In Tragedy TabMy Questions TabDoomsday TabDead Throne TabProvisions TabA Pattern In Pain TabCrowns TabInstrumental TabFor The Last Time TabThe First Song TabFury TabI Am The Lion TabSoldier TabBravely TabDefault TabTears TabBetrayal TabAlll Consuming Fire TabWill Of Fire TabThis Is The Song I Wanted To Do About You TabThis Is The Song I Wanted To Write About You TabBirds TabDream Man TabFallout TabWings Of Integrity Pt. Ii TabListen To This If You Don't Know Why You Exist TabExist TabFalls On The Horizon TabAvenger TabFearless TabHerods (Complete) TabMy Horses Are Many TabEnkindler TabTruth Be Told TabFleshkiller TabCutting The Ties Tab1162011 TabMarathon TabYour Little Suburbia Is Left In Ruins TabDance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy TabSurvivor TabMarathon TabWhile Livered TabOvercome TabOsmosis Tab1000 Apologies TabFading Away TabThe Common Good TabLunar TabDestroyer TabMeet Me Halfway TabWorld TabWake Up The Sun TabCrush Resistance TabTheres Talk Of Strange Folk Abroad TabThe Wax Walls Of An Empty Room TabScream TabCrimson Grim TabDigital Rebirth TabBastardizer TabIntentions TabNumber Eleven TabChicago TabBlack And Blue TabEndseekers TabLock And Load TabR.I.T. TabDetriot Tapes TabThe Condition TabTransit Blues TabFlyover States TabGoats On A Boat (Breakdown) TabTimeline TabEndurance TabKing Of Sorrow Drums TabBack Burner - Full Version TabRHI TabSlasa TabBlinding Light (Bass) TabOcean Of Apathy (Full Version) TabLouder Than Thunder (Acoustic Cover) TabShadows And Echoes TabMajoring In The Minors - Bass Tab TabThe Advocate TabВпечатление TabThe Seven Words I Run From TabWave Of Youth TabWeathered Town TabCarol Of The Bells (Drop D) TabGuide For The Helpless (Version 2) TabThe Old Me TabМы все не мы TabDogs Can Grow Beards All Over №2 TabMeridian Ver.2 TabTrack 9 TabUndertow TabLouder Voice TabKnow Death; Know Forever TabDRAGON DE METAL TabVAGABUNDO TabANDROMEDA TabALMAS NOCTURNAS TabAGONIA TabEL ANGEL CAIDO TabLA CAIDA TabPIEL DE VENUS TabTHE DRAKMA TabJUICIO FINAL TabZombie EP (FULL) TabSword in Mouth, Fire Eyes TabКровью омытые TabТри пустых слова TabNightfall TabEmpty Heaven TabThe Narrative TabBones TabBones TabParamount TabTies That Bind TabExtinct By Instinct TabThree Fountains TabAnnihilation TabDefender (Ver. 2) TabRationalist - Drums TabAn Ocean Between Us V2 Tab