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  • can-you-add-a-song-for-me

    Can you add a song for me?

    All the tabs are contributed by users (via songsterr.com website). We don't do the transcriptions ourselves.
  • i-found-the-wrong-tab-can-you-fix-it

    I found the wrong tab. Can you fix it?

    All tabs are contributed by users. We don't do the transcriptions ourselves. So errors and inaccurate or incomplete versions of transcriptions are possible.
  • can-i-download-a-tab-for-offline-use

    Can I download a tab for offline use?

    Songsterr web app is an online-only service. Try our mobile apps instead. Both iOS and Android apps support offline mode.
  • error-sorry-this-content-has-been-removed

    Error: "Sorry this content has been removed"

    At the moment we don't have licenses with the publisher of this artist. We are doing our best to get them.
  • revert-to-the-previous-version

    Revert to the previous version

    You can access the previous revisions of a tab by clicking the Edit button to the right of the song title. You'll have to use a desktop browser and our web app for this.

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  • how-to-read-guitar-tabs

    How to read guitar tabs?

    Check out this page for a quick intro with examples. Click here to download this page in pdf.
  • how-to-read-drum-tabs

    How to read drum tabs?

    For desktop users: click the "?" icon at the vertical instrument panel at the right. It's the last (the lowest) icon.

    For mobile users: tap the "(notation)" link under the name of a drum track. The drum track name is right under the song title.
  • keyboard-shortcutshotkeys

    Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys

    The Songsterr player supports the following hotkeys
    • Space - Play/Pause
    • Backspace - Play from the beginning
    • Left/Right Arrow - Move the cursor backward/forward
    • Up/Down Arrow - Move the cursor line up/down
    • Alt+Enter - fullscreen mode on/off
    • M - Mute/unmute the current track
    • S - Change playback speed
    • T - Show tracks
    • L - Turn loop mode on/off
    • Shift + Right Arrow - move right boundary of the loop selection to the right
    • Shift + Left Arrow - move right boundary of the loop selection to the left
    • C - Turn count-in mode on/off
    • P - Print
    • ESC - Close any popup panel like Search or FAQ
  • how-to-mute-all-tracks

    How to mute all tracks?

    Most browsers allow users to mute the audio playing in one of the browser's tabs:
    • Google Chrome displays a little speaker icon on any browser tab that is currently playing audio. To mute the audio for a tab, right-click the tab and choose Mute site
    • Microsoft Edge. Simply click the audio icon or right-click the tab to choose Mute from the drop down menu.
    • Safari. Click the Audio button in the Smart Search field.
    • Firefox displays a speaker icon on the tab making noise, and you can click it to mute the audio of that tab without switching to it. You can also right-click the tab and choose Mute Tab.
    Check this article for more details.
  • do-you-support-lyrics-and-chords

    Do you support lyrics and chords?

    Chord signs and lyrics are added by transcribers. Unfortunately, not that many users add them. If chord signs and lyrics are present in transcription we do show them. We are thinking of ways to motivate users for better transcriptions.
  • i-hear-the-sound-but-dont-see-the-tab-for-it

    I hear the sound, but don't see the tab for it

    Most tabs on Songsterr have multiple tracks. You can switch between tracks using Mixer. Use the Instrument button (one right below Play) to switch to another track.
  • the-guitar-doesnt-sound-like-the-tab

    The guitar doesn't sound like the tab

    The song can be in a non-standard tuning. The tuning is shown near the beginning of the first measure.
  • i-play-piano-how-can-i-use-your-tabs

    I play piano. How can I use your tabs?

    Unfortunately, guitar tabs don't have much sense for piano and wind instrument players. Some tabs have tracks for these instruments but they're only useful if you want to learn how to play these parts on guitar. Adding traditional music notation might be something we'll consider working on in the future.
  • i-play-ukulele-how-can-i-use-your-tabs

    I play ukulele. How can I use your tabs?

    Unfortunately, we don't have many ukulele tabs and don't get many requests from ukulele players. We would recommend checking the pages of famous ukulele players, e.g. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  • tuning-how-can-i-change-the-pitch-of-a-tab

    Tuning: how can I change the pitch of a tab?

    You can change the sound pitch using the Pitch Shift button near the first measure of the song. This will not transpose the tab — just the audio. At the moment this feature works on the web and Android apps only.
  • how-to-use-markups

    How to use markups?

    Markups can be very useful for fixing mistakes in tabs, highlighting parts of the song, adding chords etc.

    Click the "Show markup panel" button in the right toolbar or "U" on your keyboard to open the markup tool. Use pen and eraser for editing.

    To save markup, you must be Signed In on the website. When Signed In just wait 5 seconds for the markup to be saved automatically.
    Markup demo


  • why-are-you-posting-the-wrong-tabs

    Why are you posting the wrong tabs?

    All tabs are contributed by users. We don't do the transcriptions ourselves, so errors and inaccurate or incomplete versions of transcriptions are possible.
  • my-favorites-songs-are-gone

    My Favorites songs are gone!

    There is no way to restore favorites if you've used the app without signing in. Sign Up for a free Songsterr Account. And sign in from within the app to backup your favorites to our servers and prevent this problem from happening in the future.
  • can-i-organize-my-favorites-into-playlists-

    Can I organize my Favorites into playlists?

    Yes! You can organize songs from your Favorites into separate playlists. This feature works on desktop only. First, go to your Favorites section. Create a playlist. Then hover the mouse over the song you would like to add to your playlist. You will see the "three dots" button. Click it and choose your playlist.
  • the-sound-plays-a-second-behind-the-green-cursor

    The sound plays a second behind the green cursor

    Perhaps the reason is that you are using Bluetooth headphones or speaker. If so, try using wired headphones.
  • i-cant-remember-my-password

    I can't remember my password

    Use this link to reset your password.
  • is-there-any-way-to-see-the-old-drum-notation

    Is there any way to see the old drum notation?

    Yes, click this link to disable the new drum notation. If you want to switch back to the new drum notation click this link
  • can-i-use-old-songster

    Can i use old Songster?

    Yes, you can. Click this link to use the old version. Please note that you can't use the old Songsterr Player because it is based on the Adobe Flash Player. Flash has officially been retired since Jan 1, 2021. All major browsers blocked the ability to run Flash

Songsterr iOS App

  • how-can-i-print-the-tabs

    How can I print the tabs?

    At the moment printing (including printing to PDF) works on the paid plan of the desktop (Mac or PC) web app only. You can subscribe here.
  • i-made-the-purchase-by-mistake-can-i-have-a-refund

    I made the purchase by mistake. Can I have a refund?

    Here are the steps to request a refund for an App Store purchase.
    We cannot make a refund from our side since your subscription is managed by iTunes.
  • my-active-paid-subscription-doesnt-work

    My active paid subscription doesn't work

    If you have an active paid subscription but for some reason, the app doesn't provide you full access do the following:
    1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app.
    2. Tap the Restore Purchase button on the tab screen.
    3. Sign in with your Apple ID and password as many times as you are prompted to.
    4. If this doesn't help, send us an email from within the app. To do this, tap on the "?" button and then on the "Compose message" icon at the top right corner. This way we'll get some logs that will help us fix the problem.
  • how-can-i-cancel-my-subscription-unsubscribe

    How can I cancel my subscription (unsubscribe)?

    Follow this link on your iOS device and set Auto-Renewal to OFF to cancel your subscription. If it doesn't help try out the steps from this article.
  • i-paid-for-the-app-but-cant-sign-in

    I paid for the app but can't sign in

    This can happen if you are trying to sign in from the Songsterr app using your Apple ID. Actually you don't need to sign in to use the app. Your paid subscription is managed by Apple App Store — not Songsterr. Signing in is only needed to sync favorites between devices. If you don't have an account on Songsterr you need to sign up first.
  • can-i-use-tabs-offline

    Can I use tabs offline?

    Yes, the tracks that you open online are cached and will also work offline. You don't have to play the whole track to cache it for offline usage — just wait a few seconds for the audio to load.
  • can-i-use-the-songsterr-plus-premium-plan-on-my-computer

    Can I use the Songsterr Plus premium plan on my computer?

    No, we haven't yet implemented a way to use your iOS app subscription with our web app. For the Songsterr iOS subscribers we offer one month of the Songsterr Plus paid plan of our web app for free. Сontact us at support+ios@songsterr.com
  • i-paid-for-the-android-app-can-i-use-the-ios-app

    I paid for the Android App. Can I use the iOS app?

    No, our iOS app is a different product at the moment. But you can get one month of the Songsterr premium subscription for free both on your computer and in the Songsterr iOS app if you send us the Google Play receipt of your purchase at support+ios@songsterr.com.

Songsterr Android App

Contributing Tabs

  • how-can-i-add-a-new-tab

    How can I add a new tab?

    You can submit tabs via the Submit Tab button in the left toolbar. You'll need to use a desktop web browser. To create a tab you'll need to either buy Guitar Pro software or use a free TuxGuitar alternative.
  • can-i-fix-mistakes-in-the-tabs

    Can I fix mistakes in the tabs?

    You can submit a new revision via the "Edit" button in the top right corner. You'll need a desktop browser for that. To edit tabs you'll need to either buy Guitar Pro software or use a free TuxGuitar alternative.

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