Standard (EADGBE)


(VERSE) C Went to buy me a F paper at the local C/E news-stand

And then I Dm heard them laugh and Bb say

Look, they're gonna go F flying way up to the C/E moon now

Hey, what's it Bb good for F anyway

So I said

Bb Fellas, like to G7 ask you a thing if I may

(CHORUS) What about C Livingstone

What about G all those men

Who have Am sacrificed their lives to lead the F way

Tell me, wasn't it C worth the while

Travelling G up the Nile

Putting F themselves on test

Didn't that C help the rest

Wasn't it F worth it then

What about C Livingstone


(CHORUS) x 2

G7: 320001 or 353433