Standard (EADGBE)

So little to say

But so much time

Despite my empty mouth

The words are in my mind

Please wear the face

The one where you smile

Because you

Lighten up my heart

When I start to cry

Forgive me first love

But I'm tired

I need to get away

To feel again

Try to understand why

Don't get so close

To change my mind

Please wipe that look

Out of your eyes

It's bribing me

To doubt myself

Simply, it's tiring

This love has dried up

And stayed behind

And if I stay

It’d be a lie

Then choke on words

I'd always hide

Excuse me first love

But we're through

I need to taste the kiss

From someone new

Forgive me first love

But I'm too tired

I'm bored to say

The least and I

I lack desire

Forgive me first love (4x)

Forgive me

Forgive me first love (2x)