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eBGDAE1=8844234567891011I ___3had a33friend43who spoke of31312fate ____13and he0313knew _33of an - oth - er333433place in1314space __13and3time. ______________31315He3told3me3how __43me3and my1316la - dy _____________1336could017look but we would nev - er find. _________333331218__________________203119Said13"if you please, _ I ___ beg your13133413134533320par - don .45364321Some - times the things you see, ___ they33343313322just ain't13so. ______________686823Your life can be ___ an1313133413 a - vant453324gar - den, _453643cause…0…love's what makes your garden grow." _______25333331226________________21The127sun leads the way,56351301the128moonlights the sky,5635131335I129see you and I5635131130ly - ing in my a - vant gar - den.563513013301130131(Dream of the01133532day35our worlds col -01133533lide.)5634here in - side our a - vant gar - den. _________56351301330113453536Some13times my __ life ain't what it's13133413134533337seem - in' .45364338Right from the start _ it's what your33343313339heart's be - lieve - in' .13686840Could all this just be lu - cid1313133413453341dream - in' . _453643But042dreams just ain't e - nough for me . _______333331243________________21The144sun leads the way,56351301the145moonlights the sky,5635131335I146see you and I5635131147ly - ing in my a - vant gar - den.563513013301130148(Dream of the01133549day35our worlds col -01133550lide.)5651here in - side our a - vant gar - den. _________56351301330113455253You know it just ain't right146864854to deal10with oth - er's shite.1310155No one should ev - er be ____ so146888456bro - ken8330heart - ed . __003557Don't nev - er be __ a - fraid58101110858'cause when you got it made , __4810111081059yeah, you don't ev - en have to3337781060try , ___________1561_______________1512yeah!…12…_____62((( SOLO )))63646566676869So __ I'll be wait - ing in your333431370gar - den, __13371watch - ing all your flow - ers grow. _______333331272_____________73_____________(4)1The5674sun leads the way,56351301the175moonlights the sky,5635131335I176see you and I5635131177ly - ing in my a - vant gar - den.563513013301130178(Dream of the01133579day35our worlds col -01133580lide.)5681here in - side our a - vant gar - den. ___56351301330113458283848586878889The0190sun brings the rain,56351301the191moonlights the sky,5635131335I192see you and I5635131193ly - ing in my a - vant gar - den. ______563513013301130194__A195word to the wise. __10330There's196sweet cher - ry pies56351311and097truth in - side our a - vant gar - den . _____5310301098____________________________________45599______________6666100Yeah .31Da,3101doh,13da,1yeah.31102
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