Standard (EADGBE)


, , , play this twice

Verse 1

Through the best of times, through the worst of times

through Nixon and through Bush

Do you remember '36? we went our seperate ways, you fought for Stalin

I fought for freedom

you believe in authority, i believe in myself

i'm a moltov coctail, you're the dom perignon. baby whats that

confused look in your eyes what i'm trying to say is that

i'll burn down buildings while you sit on a shelf

inside of them

you call the cops on the looters and pie throwers

you call it class war i call you co-conspirators


'cause baby i'm an anarchist you're a spineless liberal

we marched together for the eight hour days and held hands on the streets of seattle

but when it came time to throw bricks through that starbucks window

you left me all alone

all alone

Play intro 1 time

Verse 2

you watched in awe at the red white and blue

on the fourth of july

while those fireworks were exploding

i was burning that fucker and waving my black flag high

eating the peanuts that the parties have tossed you

in the backseat of your fathers new ford

you believe in the ballot

you believe in reform

you have faith in the elephant and that jackass

and to you solidarity's a four letter word

we're all hypocrites but you're a patriot

you thought i was only joking

when i was screaming "kill whitey" at the top of my lungs

at the cops in their cars and the men in their suits

no i won't take your hand

and marry the state

Play Chourus again.

That's it.