Standard (EADGBE)

Fill 1

Fill 2

You're helpless and hopeless

You want to help out the homeless

But you've got problems

You're selfish and worthless

And you have no fucking purpose

You're a cancer causing, cancer having slob

Whoa-oa, Who-oa-oa-oa, Whoa-oa-oa

There are morals that conflict with orals

That conflict with anals, that believe in angels

Angels are hating on you

Good is the absence of evil

And evil is the absence of good

There is an axis of evil rolling into this neighborhood

With the sound of gun shots, Bang! Bang! Bang!

Whoa-oa, Whoa, Whoa

Whoa-oa, Who-oa-oa-oa, Whoa-oa-oa

It was then that I found I am vampire

I have fangs fucking 15 inches long

And the sanguinary sweetness of stealing someones blood

Feels so good I am compelled to sing this song

At night when I retire to my coffin

To sleep for a hundred years or more

All you people that I know will have died long ago

and your children will have died 10 years before

Whoa-oa, Who-oa-oa-oa