Standard (EADGBE)


(play primarily the bottom three strings, and then once he does a little

sweep of the top strings, just listen).

I knew a woman once

giving birth to kittens and mice

And as you know, with their eating habbits

Those poor mice had to die

So the kittens were born

full of their brothers and sisters

And they were punished swiftly

though they did not know why

They thought they were food

they did not know what they'd done

And I was a person once

sending off unread letters

receiving no reply

never bothering asking why

I had a heart once

full of fire and passion

but the summer took it away from me

And autumn has come to retrieve it

Autumn has come to retrieve it

And I was a man once

When I was six years old

but now I am just a boy

pretentious and brash and bold

The kittens were murdered

thrown into burlap sacks

and weighted down with rocks

in a river deep and black

And th - ey went to Heaven.

Th - ey went to Heaven.

I'm tabbing this without a G string on my acoustic, so I hope it sounds fine (shouldn't

make a difference). Enjoy and keep supporting AJJ...incredible band that shows just

how much simple chords can do.