Standard (EADGBE)

I think I should like to wear your face

See the world through your eyes

I'd go up and down

And I'd go all around the town

Feel human for once in my life

I think I should cut me open

And take out all of my bad things

I'd put them in a pan

And I'd fry them up with oil

And I'd put them back inside again

I pull your heart so I can poke and trod your soul

I Couldn't help but notice it is so damn beautiful

I think on my own, but I draw up a blank

Cuz Where my words are now just a hole

We are fighting a war

A war that is bound to end all wars

When we all die

And No one is alive

We won't fight anymore

Life is a two-way path to nowhere

Lets let our conscience be our guide

With no expectations of the afterlife

We can be proud of how we lived our life