Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:


--- x4

Verse 1

Well you're a long

walk from my street

And I'm dying in

this summer heat

I hope like hell

you're waiting waiting

Everybody's living like

they're crazy in love

I'm a dizzy mess and

everything is so above me

From the floor of

any life I lead to-day


Well they can take take take

the kids from the summer

But they'll never never

never take the summer from me

It was the very first time

that I lost my mind for a week

They can make make

make me forget the weather

If we'll never never

never wash the sand from my feet

It was the very last time

that we said goodbye to the beach

Showing off showing off our teeth



Verse 2

So make one last call back home

Cause tonight we go in a-lone

And I hope that you know

I'm waiting waiting

(Summer do you feel me?)

Everybody's singing like

they're crazy in love

We made a dizzy mess of

everything and it was enough

So bring all the boys and

all the girls to-gether

(Repeat Chorus)


You're going out in style

And I'm getting

tired of all your lying

(Summer do you feel me?)

Stop pretending

Stop the answer's in the smile

And I'm coming clean

(Summer do you feel me?)

Just give me something

(Summer, do you feel me?)

Stop pretending

F--G x2

(Repeat chorus)


F-G-Em-Am--F-G-C x2