eBGDAE1Verse 1=8544234My 25ship4went2down2in a426sea4of2sound2When I427woke up alone4232I had eve42rything2842A29handful of223moments24I210wish I could change4242and a tounge2112like a night23 - mare24that2212cutlike a blade322In a2213ci -5ty2of fools22I was4214careful and cool5232But they4215tore me a - part2232like a42hu216-rricane42A217handful of mo - ments22324I218wish I could change,4242but I was24219ca - rried24away4220Give me42421Chorus 1the - ra - py422I'm a2522walking tra - ves - ty244752342But I'm2524smi-ling at everything25323225The - ra - py,422you were2526ne - ver a friend2444to me7527- e42And you can(2)2528keep all your253mi - sery24229Verse 2303132My233lungs gave out422as I4234faced the crowd422I think that24235keeping this up4232could be42da236-ngerous42I'm237flesh and bone522I'm a4238rolling stone522And the2439experts say232I'm de - li22540-ri - us22Give me42441Chorus 2the - ra - py422I'm a2542walking tra - ves - ty244754342But I'm2544smi-ling at everything25323245The - ra - py,545you were5546ne - ver a friend4444to me7547-e42you can2548take back your253mi - se -ry24249BridgeA- rro -gant235boy3love your - self24502so2no one has to3242They're251bet - ter22off with-out you32425253A- rro -gant235boy3cause a2454scene like you're supposed to223242They'll255fall a - sleep223without you242You're256lu - cky22if your me - mory32244re - mains2257Give me42458Chorus 3the - ra - py422I'm a2559walking tra - ve - sty2442560-y42But I'm2561smi-ling25at ev - ery - thing323562The - ra - py,422you were2563ne - ver a244friend to me47564- e42You can …25…take back your65253mi - se -ry23566The - ra - py,545I'm a5567walking44tra - ve - sty74568- y42But I'm2569smiling25at ev -ery -thing323570The - ra - py,545you were55…ne - ver a friend to me7142552272You can choke on your2273324mi - se -ry2427475767778Change tuning (R)