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eBGDAE1=120576744253576744557676575767849There's just no way to2022210say0how much00I2love211you4you ne-ver make me2022212cry4and that's just fine445413I've 4on - ly02got2my214fear0to0burn0a-bove2215me4you know we all get2022216scared from time to time4445417love me with your242418head2½and2heart419love me from the424220place it starts -6½621--6½-4love me with your424222head and heart6½6-423-love me like a4024let ring24child - -2full2025There's just no way to2022226play0 the things I'm feel -202227lin'5no way to tell you5555728all4 the things you means -445429ev - ' ry day576 I730on - 5ly feel like steal -557731in'5a - way to where5575I532know4I4can4be free5433love me with your424234head-and-heart -6½435love me from the424236place-it-starts -6½6½37-4love me with your424238head6½and heart6439love me when I'm402440wild -241Lay-in' down the022242ways0to say00I need2243you5scarded of look - in'576244tall4and feel -44in' small5445run-nin' through the022246days0I have00be - side2447you5scarded of be-in'576248wrong4that's4it5all449love me with your424250head and heart6½6451love me from the424252place it starts -6½6½534love me with your424254head and heart6½6455love me like a402456child -2573040583335933040602202613040623336333040642202653040662
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