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dA#GDGClet ring1IntroFree Time=90004420202201003000let ring402022044222205=1002220202022202let ringlet ring6=90565565744475222283223322220220let ringHarm.924410012141211131412let ringHarm.12=95XXXXXXXXX14213Chorus0X002X00X00022X0001let ring140X0X0140X013X015X on E string: Bass with palm of the right hand // X on A string: Snare…0X002X00X20244X2020…with the side of the thumblet ringlet ringlet ringlet ring162X20X202X2X0175655XX65X5X744let ringT.H.18XXLH: fretting notes in 2nd fret // RH: Slap Hamonics on 14th fret222XXX19XXXXX3420322332222044let ringHarm.2122024447722799910111223let ring24Outro=12000100010025=1001022Change tuning (R)
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