Standard (EADGBE)


On the African plains,

A young mother weeps, for her hungry child

She prays he’ll survive, with tear-filled eyes

She looks up to heaven, and calls your name

She pours out her pain

You know her name, and you hear her cries


Friend of the poor, help me through the night

Help me in the fight, come to my rescue

Friend of the poor, take this skin and bones

Make this heart a home, come to my rescue


On the streets of L.A.

An old man lies in his cardboard home

He feels so alone, with tear-stained eyes

He looks up to heaven, and prays a prayer:

“Is there anyone there?”

You know his name and you hear his cries,



It’s getting dark, it’s getting late

It’s cold outside the rich mans gate

And I’m wondering,

Do you have any friends around here?