Anouk - It Wasnt Me Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo
Can you tell me how you feel When you turn on your TV When you see me singing through my tears I've saved up all these years Can you tell me what you see When you read the magazines Do you see yourself in me When you read the magazines When the DJ plays this song Can you tell me what you hear refrein And I hope you feel the way we felt When you put us all through hell Can you tell me how you feel now How do feel, how do you feel Tell me how you sleep at night Do you take those pills like me Or do you toss and turn and lay your head on the pillow and fall asleep cause you just don't care, how do you feel And now I'm in your face And you feel that empty space Why did we how did we come to fall from grace Falling, falling Didn't you just hear us calling out No there's nothing left to say Cause you shouldn't have stayed away No man leaves his flesh and blood this way Refrijn It took a crowd for me to see That it really wasn't me The swaying crowd is the cleansing rain It took the pain away And I hope you'll find yourself alone In a million dollar home You will be stuck with a heart like a rock I hope you run out of luck fool yeah How do you feel now Does it hurt, does it hurt How do you feel now Does is hurt baby Does it hurt baby Does is hurt baby How how how how how do you feel How do you feel now Does it hurt baby I'm just wonderin' how it feels Just wondering babe Just wondering baby Does it hurt, yeah heuckeroth uut daam nl

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