eBGDAE1A=52342345BWalk along the waterfall00020446Watching as the world turns red44404227Wonder where the river flows0002044And the228blood on the river bed00202239Poison lies to close to us000204410Reach across the salt and the sand000204043113Moving deeper into the land220020230404224412023413Following the waterfall000204414Watching as the world turns green44404223415Wonder where the river flows0002044The216copper face remains unseen000202217Ignorance has failed to cleanse000204418reach across the salt and the sand000204043193moving deeper into the land220020230404224420022421C6822582368247825442668275828682978304431322433DCrying as the earth cries out00020443434weeping as the land decays44404223435wonder if I could have helped000204436Maybe I'd have found a way000202237Poison lies to close to us00020443438reach across the salt and the sand00020404343393moving deeper into the land220020230404224440024441E424344454647484950515253FCling to the branch2220of a tree202that was waiting for45754354someone to preach4542someone to teach4542The03355Word was the first2220and the last202to be heard224from the4456branch of the tree4547it was praying for me to fall down4575475433357G55859606162636465JClimb to the top2220of a tree202that was waiting for45754366someone to warn4542a life to be torn into045420333367pieces of gold2220for a soul202to be sold224and the4468heart of the tree4547was crying for me to come475475433369Kback8707172737475LTake me to the hanging tree3335311there's a3176man3in the light313and hes pointing at me313353377guide me to the hanging tree3335311it's the1178place that I313come from131379walk along the waterline333531180reach across the salt and the sand33353131381moving31deeper31in3to3the582land383Take me to the hanging tree3335311there's a3184boy3in the light313and he's staring at31335me3385Take me to the hanging tree3335311It's the1186place that I311come from131387Walk along the waterline333531188Reach across the salt and the sand33353131389Moving31deeper31in3to3the590land3I'm falling666Falling down a -655391Mgain3929394959697