eBGDAE1=1284423456Whatcha been doin'?222072Whatcha been doin'?222480Whoa094Whoa04Haven't seen ya 'round4201022How you been feelin'?2220112How you been feelin'?2224120Whoa0134Whoa04Don't you bring me…420…down1422All that shit 24515about me240Being with him02416Can't believe024All the lies02417that you told024Just to ease24518your own soul245But I'm big-24519ger than that245No, you don't02420have my back024No0214No0422Hey, how long till the music drowns you out?2full22202320202Don't put words up in my…20…mouth2420202I didn't steal your boyfriend2252240226Hey, how long till you 2full2222027face what's goin' on20202Cause you really got it wrong202820202I didn't steal your boyfriend229224023031Well I'm sorry025¼¼322That he called me024½½33034And that I answered the telephone10000103522Don't be worried225¼362I'm not with him224370And when I go out tonight220384424I'm going home…242…alone39522Just got back02540from my tour025I'm a mess02441girl for sure024All I want02442is some fun024Guess that I'd24543better run245Hollywood24544sucks you in245But it won't02445spit me out024Whoa0464Whoa0447Hey, how long till the music drowns you out?2full22204820202Don't put words up in my…20…mouth4920202I250didn't steal your boyfriend22240251Hey, how long till you face what's going on?2full222205220202Cause you really got it wrong205320202I didn't steal your boyfriend25422240255Hey, how long till you look at your own life2full22205620202Instead of looking into mine205720202I didn't steal your…2…boyfriend5822240259Hey, how long till you're 2full2222060leaving me alone20202Don't you got somewhere to go?206120202I didn't steal your boyfriend26222240263Whoa54Whoa5644Whoa5465Whoa54Whoa5664Whoa5467Please stop telling all your friends2277720685I'm getting sick of them522202692Always staring at me like2277772700 I took him from ya0222527172Hey, how long till the music drowns you out?2full22207320202Don't put2074words up in my mouth20202I didn't steal your boyfriend2752240276Hey, how long till you face what's going on?2full22207720202Cause you really got it wrong207820202I 279didn't steal your boyfriend2240280Hey, how long till you look at your own life5full7full2208120202Instead of looking into…20…mine8220202I didn't steal your boyfriend2832240284Hey, how long till you're leaving me alone2full22208520202Don't you got somewhere to go?208620202I didn't steal your boyfriend2872240288Whoa54Whoa5894Whoa5490Whoa54I didn't steal your…2…boyfriend9154220292Whoa54Whoa5934Whoa5494Whoa54I didn't steal your boyfriend295542202Change tuning (R)