Capo 2nd fret

Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

All the colors of the rainbow, all the voices of the wind,

Every dream that reaches out, that reaches out to find where love began,

Every word of every story, every star in every sky,

Every corner of creation, lives to testify.


For as long as I shall live, I will testify to love,

I'll be a witness to the silences, when words are not enough,

And with every breath I take, I will give thanks to god above,

For as long as I shall live, I will testify to love.

Verse 2

From the mountains to the valleys, from the rivers to the sea,

Every hand that reaches out, every hand that reaches out to offer peace,

Every simple act of mercy, every step the kingdom come,

Every hope in every heart will, speak what love has done.



Colors of the rainbow

Voices of the wind

Dream that reaches out

Where love Begins

Word of every story

Star of every sky

Corner of creation


Chorus x2

key changes back)