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d#A#F#C#G#D#1Intro=15744234567By stDiamond ('s been right754013on the egde...2001415To a 5416'stu--pe--fy--ing'202417hole of no re------turn.....542018219Verse 2Now we 5520dance a holy 754021war is won5722523But there5424must be 2025more we got to learn420226227BridgeDon't..... you …7… know 2892910973031that I am here I 3333253must …2…go33034Into the morning light0003235036 illuminate the 0003237night0Be the guide 32380on our side32390the Gno------sis2403041ChorusNo re-------turn (2)3242543 I will go10944245fo-------llow the call35346 of my spi------rit20347754849No re-------turn 3(11)250551 I must know 10952253all that I 791054ne------ver could ask791055956No Re--------turn10957Intelude758596061626364656667Verse 3No I still 55687can't leave the world in here540692007071Soon I 5472feel that I am gonna get 2024735her free42074275Verse 4But I've 5576 smelled at and I long for more7540775778579Take me 5480in, oh i beg, 202481 phi--lo--so------phy...542082283BridgeOh784 I got to know,97585578687 more now so I must go on3338855789590Into the morning light0003291092 illuminate the 0003293night0Be the guide 32940on our side32950the Gno------sis2963097ChorusNo re-------turn 3(11)298599 I will go1091002101fo-------llow the call353102 of my spi------rit20310375104105No re-------turn 3(11)21065107 I must know 1091082109all that I 7910110ne------ver could ask79101119112No Re--------turn109113Guitar Solo7114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135ChorusNo re-------turn 3(11)21365137maybe you must10973138 pay5(5)139Many've been in quest for truth10975140732141Insanity has swallowed a---------way0200201425143No re-------turn 3(11)21445145I wish you all the best75351462147Go and face the tree 75351483149of knowledge and be free020231505151ChorusNo re-------turn 3(11)21525153 I will go1091542155fo-------llow the call353156 of my spi------rit20315775158159No re-------turn 3(11)21605161 I must know 1091622163all that I 7910164ne------ver could ask7910165Final9166167=70168=40Change tuning (R)
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