Standard (EADGBE)


Uh uh, Uh uh oh

Uh uh, Uh uh oh

Hey man

Tell me what were you thinking?

What the hell were you saying?

Oh come on now

Stop and think about it

Hey now

Maybe you should just listen

Maybe you should stop talking for a second

Shut up

Listen to me


You're so obvious

You're so oblivious

And now you wonder why you're the one alone

So don't apologize

And you don't even realize you screwed it up this time

Now you're the one alone

Uh uh, Uh uh oh

Uh uh, Uh uh oh

Hey bro

I'm just trying to let you know

You really think that you're special

Oh come on now

I've seen so much better

Hey there

Did you actually think that I cared?

Don't know if you want to go there

Oh come on now

Keep on, keep on dreaming

Repeat chorus

If you, want to, be my uh uh oh

You know, you can't, play games

And you know what I mean

I'm sorry but you don't get my uh uh oh

I'm gone, you're still dreaming about me

Over and over and over and over again!!!

Chorus x2

Uh uh, Uh uh oh x4