eBGDAD1=1654423I5Don't Like your Girl5557friend54I35Think You need a new22223one267I could be your girl55557friend5891011I know that you like55557me51213No it's not a sec-22223-ret214I315want to be your girl55557friend5161718You're So fine I want you32323219mine you're so deli-32323-cious220I think I bet you all the222222221time you're so addic-22222tive222Don't you know that every-23232323-thing to make you feel al-232232right3242526Don't pretend I think you32323227know I'm damn323pre-3-cious228and hell22yeah2I'm the2229motherfucking prin-22222-cess230I can tell you like me23232331too2and you know I'm2232right3323334She's5like335So2whate-02-ver336You5can5do337So2much0bet-2-ter038I5think3we should2039get2toge-02-ther3now24030and that's what's everyone's55541775talking about7754243I5Don't Like your Girl5557friend544I345Think You need a new22223one24647I could be your girl55557friend548495051I know that you like55557me55253No it's not a sec-22223-ret254I355want to be your girl55557friend5565758I can see the way32323I259see the way you look at323233me260and even when you look a-222222261-way I know you think of222222me262I know you talk about323232me363all the time again 23223and2a-2-gain3646566So come over here32323and267tell me what I3232want3to3hear268better22yeah2make your2269girl-2-friend2disappear22270I don't want to hear you23232371say her name232ever again33237273cause274She's5like375So2whate-02-ver376You5can5do377So2much0bet-2-ter078I5think3we should2079get2toge-02-ther3now28030and that's what's everyone's55581775talking about7758283I5Don't Like your Girl5557friend584I385Think You need a new22223one28687I could be your girl55557friend588899091I know that you like55557me59293No it's not a sec-22223-ret294I395want to be your girl55557friend5969798In a second you'll be55230399wrapped around my fin-55230-ger3100coz I30can3coz3101I can do it bet-03030-ter3102there's no o-230-ther3so2103when it's gonna sink03030in3104She's so stu-230-pid what the322105hell0were you30thin-2-king3106In a second you'll be552303107wrapped around my fin-55230-ger3108coz I30can3coz3109I can do it bet-03030-ter3110there's no o-230-ther3so2111when it's gonna sink03030in3112She's so stu-230-pid what the322113hell0were you30thin-2-king3114115I5Don't Like your Girl5557friend5116I3117Think You need a new22223one2118119I could be your girl55557friend5120121122123I know that you like55557me5124125No it's not a sec-22223-ret2126I3127want to be your girl55557friend5128129130131I5Don't Like your Girl5557friend5132I3133Think You need a new22223one2134135I could be your girl55557friend5136137138139I know that you like55557me5140141No it's not a sec-22223-ret2142I3143want to be your girl55557friend5144145146147Change tuning (R)