Standard (EADGBE)


The first night that we met, I will never forget

Baby, you were a star

From that point in time

it was always you and I shinning

So beautiful, when we're out with your friends

You treat me like I'm dead

It was like I'm invisible

(I can't let it go) That was unforgettable

(I can't let it go) I just wanna let you know

(I can't let it go)Situations unlivable

I can't let it go,I can't let it go,

I can't let it go,


Tell me what you say that you want me

all you ever do girls is push all my buttons

You always bring me down in public

when nobody's around you say that you love me

Make me say oh.. no

I see you all alone

I'm halfway out the door

unless you turns around

And you treat me right

Oh, you got me twisted

Oh, you got me twisted

I'm not someone you can just disrespect

How would you feel if you were in my shoes

Feelin' used with your heart bruised

(I can't let it go) The situation critical

(I can't let it go) Relationship is pitful

(I can't let it go) Everything falling apart

(I can't let it go) Cause you're so hypocritical

You're ust no good for me

You're no good for me

You're just no good for me

I know you're no good for me


You know it's wornd to treat me old

I've one to hold

One day I'm gonna say goodbye

What's it gonna leave

Unless you turn around

And treat me right

(repeat chorus)

Just treat me right

Say that you want me

Just treat me right

Just treat me right


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