Standard (EADGBE)


At the moment they're a bit rough but they sound alright. You

should be able to figure the song out from them.

It's a bit of a tricky song to play but if you've got the song just play

along with it to get the rhythm.

Any corrections etc, email me.

,,,, ^ , X2 *-^-(momentarial gap)

,,,, ^ ,, ^ } opening riff

Chords at this part } Riff 1


,,,- X3


Anesthesia, Mona lisa, I got a little gun, here comes oblivion

I never loved you, how did you find me?, the cops will never

prove complicity now

All good children go to heaven

(Then back to the opening riff)

The ending is just a gradual fade out of a slowed down version of

Riff 1.