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eBGDAE1=180442Let's gather 'round the carcass of the777777773old deflated beast,666794we have seen it through the accolades555799755and rested in its lea,777910976syntactic is our elegance,777777777incisive our disease,666798the swath endogenous of ourselves555799759will be our quandary,77791097101112we've nestled in its hollow and we've7777977713succkled at its breast,6667914grandiloquent in attitude,5557997515impassioned yet inept,7779109716frivolous gavel our design,7777777717ludicrous our threat,6667918excursive expeditions leave us5557997519holding less and less,777910972021so what does it10109722mean?9when we9923tell ourselves it's only for a while10109724we have been deceived55799925and it's only for a moment that the777777726treasures of our day5575make life101027easier to complicate,97575the treasure is55283thrown away,3355full29=200I'm so tired of all the56333330=200fucked up minds of all the56333331=200terrorist religions and their56333332=200bullshit lines,568of all the33333=200hand-me-downs from all56333334=200industrial crimes and the56333335=200weeping mothers and those who56333336=200are led so blind,568from the33337=200plastic protests and the56333338=200hands of time563and the33339=200pursuit of mirth and all56333340hating kind 563
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