Standard (EADGBE)


When my life goes down the drain

And I've got no one left to blame

And I always have this pain

Sick of playin' this old game

Verse 1

Oh, my head is swollen and I'm sore with bloodshot eyes

I got this reposession, such a thorn up in my side

Come on down, the price is high

We'll take away your dreams

We'll steal up all your money

Along with your dignity

And it gets so rough


Verse 2

Poppin' pills don't pay the bills

Can't smoke it all away

Can't press rewind, can't change time

I'm livin' it day to day

No walkin' to the bank today

Don't answer my telephone

I know it's the bloodsucking leeches

The bill collectin' greedy ho's

And it gets so rough


So charge it up, charge it up

Ain't got no cash today

Charge it up, charge it up

Plastic's the American way

And it gets so rough