Standard (EADGBE)

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(She knows me)

Verse 1

Sometimes I have a weird way of showing my love

And I always expect her to know what I'm thinking of

(She knows me)

I treat her so mean I don't deserve what I have

And I think that she'll forget just by making her laugh


[1, 2: But 3: 'Cause] she knows me

(She knows me too well)

Knows me so well

That she can tell

I really love her

(She knows me too well)

Verse 2

I get so jealous of the other guy

And then I'm not happy 'til I make her break down and cry

(She knows me)

When I look at other girls it must kill her inside

But it'd be another story if she looked at the guys

[repeat chorus]

[repeat Verse 2: first two lines instrumentally, "she knows me" twice (as

per intro)]

[repeat chorus to fade, w/wordless vocal on repeats]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers