eBGDAE1Intro=166242Just let me hear some of that3333333443Chorus Irock and roll3202music542Any35old way you choose320256it5It's got a3337back beat, you can't lose320358it2Any39old time you use3202510it5It's311gotta be rock and roll music332030120If513you wanna dance with me53320214If515you wanna dance with me53320216I've got no kick against555523217Verse Imodern jazz20018Unless they try to play it333333319too darn fast32220And lose the beauty of the555555521melody53322Until they sound just like a775757523symphony75524That's why I go for that33332225Chorus IIrock and roll3202music5262Any327old way you choose3202528it5It's got a33329back beat, you can't lose3203530it2Any331old time you use3202532it5It's333gotta be rock and roll music332030340If535you wanna dance with me53320236If537you wanna dance with me53320238I took my loved one over across555523239Verse IIthe tracks20040So she can hear my man awail333333341a sax32242I must admit they have a555555543rocking band53344Man, they were blowing like a775757545hurricane75546That's why I go for that33332247Chorus IIIrock and roll3202music5482Any349old way you choose3202550it5It's got a33351back beat, you can't lose3203552it2Any353old time you use3202554it5It's355gotta be rock and roll music332030560If557you wanna dance with me53320258If559you wanna dance with me53320260Way down South they had a555523261Verse IIIjubilee20062The jokey folks they had a333333363jamboree32264They're drinking home brew from a555555565water cup53366The folks dancing there are775757567all shook up75568And started playing that33332269Chorus IVrock and roll3202music5702Any371old way you choose3202572it5It's got a33373back beat, you can't lose3203574it2Any375old time you use3202576it5It's377gotta be rock and roll music332030780If579you wanna dance with me53320280If581you wanna dance with me53320282Don't care to hear them play a555523283Verse IVtango20084And In The Mood they take a333333385mambo32286It's way to early for a555555587congo53388So keep a rocking that775757589piano75590That's why I go for that33332291Chorus Vrock and roll3202music5922Any393old way you choose3202594it5It's got a33395back beat, you can't lose3203596it2Any397old time you use3202598it5It's399gotta be rock and roll music3320301000If5101you wanna dance with me533202102If5103you wanna dance with me533202104Change tuning (R)