Standard (EADGBE)

= bend

r = release bend

Intro riff

What I have for the chords is :

She said I know what it's like to be dead I know what it ...

Basically it's these three chords for nearly the whole song, apart from :

When I was a boy e'thing was right e'thing was right

And that's it.

As for the instruments : one guitar plays the chords, with a cleanish sound

The second electric plays lead parts which sometimes echo the tune, but this

guitar also plays the riff that comes after ' making me feel like I've never

been born' :

So , with these two guitars you have bass - fairly simple stuff here, a lot of

root notes except for the 'when I was a boy' bit, where the bass plays on the

1st 3rd and 5th of the chords.

Add drums, and harmony vocals (nearly all singing in 3rds) and you've got it.

I just recorded a cover of this on 8-track, and stuck pretty much to the

original sound. I double tracked that riff to give it more edge, and added a few

more vocals, but it sounded very good.

As a point of interest, check out the cymbals on the original.

On the bit with the guitar riff (between verses) there seem to be a lot of loud

cymbals - a lot louder than the bulk of the song.