Standard (EADGBE)


Verse 1

Take me to the desert

You will be the water

I will drink forever to fill my soul

Lead me through the fire of darkness and desire

You will be my shelter, You will be my shelter

Pre-chorus 1

I'll find you there, I'll find you there


It's here that I call out

It's here that I fall down

It's here that I find out

That you are everything (I hoped you'd be) [First time chorus only]

Verse 2

Take me to the river

Lead me to the healer

Let it wash me over, oh my soul

Take me to the mountain

Lead me to the alter

We will build together And I will remember

Pre-chorus 2

I found you there, I found you there...




I hoped You'd be the sun that always shines

I hoped You'd be the everlasting life



I hoped You'd be

I hoped You’d be (x2)