Standard (EADGBE)



First verse:

I'm a travelling man a-moving

You name it I've been there

And night and day I strive to sell my wares, now...

Got nothing I can show you

And nothing you can wear

But hang around a while and lend an ear, now...

While travellin' on a freight-train

On the Rocky Island line

My young love said to me

My mother she don't mind

Through twelve gates of the city

I came into my prime

I was singing songs of wild mountain thyme

Repeat intro:

Second verse:

Sing little birdie

From the greenwood side-e-o

Where the trees they do grow high, come say hello, now...

Summer is a-coming

And I'm standing on the shore

And where I'm bound, oh Lord I can't be sure, now...

From the Arizona dustbowl

Out to Van Diemons land

To the North-West Passage snowbound

Where Lord Franklin made his stand

While high above I'm singing

With my guitar in my hand

And I'm thinking about one tiny grain of sand

Repeat intro:

Third verse:

If anyone should ask me

If I be a rambling boy

The sporting life I know I have enjoyed

Met a lady from Louisville

A-pleasing to my mind

She took my hand and said, would you please be kind

And from the foggy dew I stumbled

Into a shady grove

Where the redbird sang his sweet song

He sang of careless love

And the bells of Rhymney ringing out

And brought the people round

Saying welcome to your friendly travelling man

Welcome to your friendly travelling man


A great song by a great artist! Seeing as I like this guy quite a lot, more Bert

Jansch tunes might come up in the future.