eBGDAE1* On vocals and hailing from Maryland, Mr. Black =125442Intro345 Dog *678910Verse 1I never 222saw 42you look like2211this 42without a reason224112A no ther pro mise fal len through_a_no_ther_sea__2224242134242__son pas ses by…41…you_______14022115161718I ne ver took the smile a way from_a ny bo dy's…2224222…f19422ace And that's _a desperate way to 241120222424221look for some one who is still a chi_______ld42424122020full123Chorus 1 In A Big Coun-try Dreams stay with you2241124241125like a lo ver's voice fires the moun tain side2241126224127128Stay a___ live246329630Interlude3132I thought_that_pain_and_truth_were_things_that777977733977really mattered7973435363738394041424344Verse 2I'm not expecting 2224to grow 22245flowers in the 4222desert4146But I can 222live and breathe 424247and see the24 sun4148 in wintertime020full149Chorus 2In a big country 2241150dreams stay with you241151Like a lover's 2241152voice fires the mountain224153side154Stay a246355live656In a big country 2241157dreams stay with you241158Like a lover's 2241159voice fires the mountain224160side161Stay a246362live663Bridge646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687Verse 3I'm not expecting 2224to grow 22288flowers in the 4222desert4189But I can 222live and breathe 424290and see the24 sun4191 in wintertime020full192Chorus 3In a big country 2241193dreams stay with you241194Like a lover's 2241195voice fires the mountain224196side197Stay a246398live699In a big country 22411100dreams stay with you2411101Like a lover's 22411102voice fires the mountain2241103side1104Stay a2463105live6106In a big country 22411107dreams stay with you2411108Like a lover's 22411109voice fires the mountain2241110side1111Stay a2463112live6113Fade out114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128