eBGDAE1Intro=8444234567891011Verse 11. Come on, ba - by, say my name.__003111312Well,113do you want to play a game ?___111303114It115feels so good it's al - most pain.___0302111316And317ev - 'ry - time is al - ways the same.___533031111819It could make a man in - sane.___0302113020Oh, ba - by, that' o - kay,___211530213whoo.8That's o - kay.__031322You're the2123Chorusrea - son I want to sing.031112124Yeah,1you125make me feel_ like a king.533030126I love the22127sun - shine__ that you bring.033112128I think I'll22129buy___ you a017103103812430dia - mond ring____10301781A dia -204431mond ring___0301A dia11032-85mond.13334Yeah._____031 You know you're the2022535one, ba - by.130363738Verse 22. Ba - by, lay down by my side.___003111339Oh140ba - by, don't you look di - vine___111303141The142way you smile should be a crime__0302111343You344do it to me ev - 'ry - time.___5330311145It's a1146fee - ling that no one could de - ny.___0302113047Ba - by, tell___ me why,__211530483whoo.8Tell me why___031349You're the2150rea - son I want to sing.031112151Yeah,1you152make me feel_ like a king.533030153I love the22154sun - shine__ that you bring.033112155I think I'll22156buy___ you a017103103812457dia - mond ring____10301781A dia -204458mond ring___0301A dia -11059-8mond516061Guitar Solo62636465666768690311121701171533030172221730331121742217501710310381247610301781204477030111078791,2,3804818283848586