eBGDAE1intro=15544234567891011121314151617181920I walk with-22321verse 1out2you522but I need 222to323be- lieve2524I've got my22225own eyes now23226and I want you 222327to2see528is no dis-22329gra- tion23in my voice23230and you need to222331stand clear2532I've been2233fall- ing23out of time23234but I want you 222335to hear253637chorus 1I don't think323you …3…care to know38333but you've tak- en out3339555my heart and soul54055141424344they'll never break you22345verse 22546but you keep it222347com- ing2548I've got my own …222… crimes now4923250and I won't let222351you in2552you can't a - ppre223532ci- ate it32354and I need to 2223…feel whole 552556I've gotta find a place to hide222572323258where I know you222359won't go2560cause361chorus 2I don't think323you care to know362333but you've tak- en out3363555my …5…heart and soul6455165666768now369I don't think323you care to know370333but I3371gave my life555to572be your whore5517374757677787980post chorus 1I think our33381mo- ments come11182and if you11183feel this love33384you could3385save58687me288I fear my33389sel- fish- ness 11190will be the11191end of this33392if you don't33393save59495me29697save59899me2100101102103104I've never told …223… you105verse 325106but I feel you 2223 must know10725108I've buried half my life222109232110in the same place2223111you soared25112I couldn't 223113re- sur- rect it2323114I feel my223 arms break11525116I've gotta long …222…way left to go11723232118 and you shown me2223119no grace25120121chorus 3I don't think323you 3122care to know333but you've tak- en out33123555my …5…heart and soul124551125126127128and3129I don't think323you 3130care to doubt333but I don't mind cause33131555I've5132got the time551133134135136137interlude138139140141142143144145146147148u hu hu hu8881495150u hu hu hu8881515152u hu hu 888153hu5154u hu hu hu8881555156u hu hu hu8881575158u hu hu hu8881595160u hu hu hu8881615162163164165166167168post-chorus 2I'd get down 333169on1my knees 11170if I could111171beg you see333172you can33173save5174175me2176I fear my333177sel- fish- ness 111178will be the111179end of this333180if you don't333181save5182183=170me2184185save5186187me2188189save5190191me2192193save5194195me2196197198199200201=155202203204205outrosave5206(3)3207me2208209save3210(3)1211me2212213=125save3214(3)am1215 I5216217save3218(3)1219me2220221222
Shift pitch (R)