eBGDAE1intro=574423456789verse 1breaks in the light555on the shape22210that you see555but the2211feeling in your heart55522with every beat21255513lose your love799don't need5714a thing52hold it 2215in a word552and216never speak555why won't you lose yourself57717chorus 1975why won't you lose yourself57718975won't you …77…lose yourself19975at all2205at all2215222324verse 2climbed so high555can't escape22225what you dream555feel it2226in your bones555but never ease227555it's in your touch728799you can't feel…57…a thing2952you're2230trying not to look55522at the2231face you see555why won't you 57732chorus 2lose yourself975why won't you lose yourself57733975won't you lose yourself7734975at …2…all355why won't you57736lose yourself975why won't you lose yourself57737975won't you lose…77…yourself38975at all239540post- chorus 1still741sun542still743sky544still745fall546still747rise548495051525354555657585960verse 3tiny little lies55522replace2261what you need555I …2…see it in your eyes6255522but never reach26355564can't keep quiet799can't even …57… scream6552hold it in your heart2266552but the2267rest you leave555why won't you 57768chorus 3lose yourself975why won't you lose yourself57769975won't you lose yourself7770975at …2…all715why won't you57772lose yourself975why won't you lose yourself57773975won't you lose…77…yourself74975at 275all576post-chorus 2still777sun578still779sky580still781fall582still783rise5why won't you45484l o s e 97485why won't you45486l o s e 97487why won't you45488l o s e 97489why won't you45490l o s e 9749192a ha ha97493a ha ha97494a ha ha97495a ha ha97496a ha ha97497a ha ha97498a ha ha97499a ha ha974100outro=50101102103104
Shift pitch (R)