eBGDAE1=90442intro345678910verse 1 you are the sun0001to the3511 earth012you are the light0001of this 3513 world 0won't you 3314 see115why won't you see3110161718you are the arm0001I can't3519 reach020you are the words0001I can't3521 speak0won't you3322 say123why won't you say3110242526chorus 1I will walk till 2222I027 have no shadow0000282930I will walk till 2222I031 have no shadow0000323334breakyou twist the light in your hands010110335losing thoughts00136so you move you can't give010110337reasons fall00138from every storm that you lived010110339we move through the dark010004041help- less00424344454647484950verse 2you are the quiet0001in my 3551 soul052you are the pie- ces 00013of553 gold0won't you 3354 shine 155why wont' you shine3110565758chorus 2I will walk till 2222I059 have no shadow0000606162I will walk till 2222I063 have no shadow0000646566I will walk till 2222I067 have no shadow0000686970I will walk till 2222I071 have no shadow0000727374outro7576777879808182uhhhh783huuhhhh8huuh, huhhhhh108478586uhhhh787huuhhhh8huuh, huhhhhh108878990uhhhh7891huuhhhh810huuh, huhhhhh101292789394=70uhhhh7895huuhhhh810huuh, …1012…huhhhhh96789798
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