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eBGDAE1intro=140442345678can you scream539verse 12the words3510I could never hear555531112can you feel53132the si- lence be- gin to tear351455553151617but it takes so much535718 to make it real5333519that hard- ly ma- tters555520321and if you see 535722in- side your- self533523your world would sha- tter555524325chorus 1my ma- ma taught3535351326me be- tter35133527don't play with a- ngels35353513283529if my lost soul could353535133035gi- ven back13133531it would be fa- tal35353513323533a - ha- a - ha ha 57575a334ha- a ha ha5353a ha ha585353637a - ha- a - ha ha 57575a338ha- a ha ha5353a ha ha585394041break 142434445464748can you scream5349verse 22the world3550you have never felt555535152when you sleep53532the night mare be- comes your- self 355455553555657but it takes so much535758 to make you sick5333559 when your heart's a bul- 5555560let361but if you fill 535762some lead in me533563you would pass through it555564365chorus 2 my ma- ma taught3535351366me be- tter35133567don't play with a- ngels35353513683569if my lost soul 3535351370 could35gi- ven back13133571it would be fa- tal35353513723573a - ha- a - ha ha 57575a374ha- a ha ha5353a ha ha585757677a - ha- a - ha ha 57575a378ha- a ha ha5353a ha ha585798081interlude82838485868788899091929394959697your soul keeps33398lifting a- way333399my world keeps111100turn- ing13it 1101brings me down312102it …1…brings me 103313 down11042105oh,3you're 3106so3a- fflic- ted333107your love keeps turn- ing11110813it …1…brings me down109312110it1111brings me down31311122113114115116117118119120121break 2122123124125126127128can you scream53129verse 32the words35130I could never hear55553131132when you speak531332the si- …35…lence 1345be- gin to tear5553135136137but it takes so much5357138 to make you sick53335139 when your heart's a bul- 55555140let3141but if you reach5357142the edge in me5335143you won't break through it55551443145chorus 3my ma- ma taught35353513146me be- tter351335147don't play with a- ngels3535351314835149if my lost soul 35353513150 could35gi- ven back131335151it would be fa- tal3535351315235153a - ha- a - ha ha 57575a3154ha- a ha ha5353a ha ha585155Change tuning (R)
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