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eBGDAE1=1104423456789I410still remember how it55333311used to be573I thought the33512only thing665that313mattered was me636full31415You316always told me it was55333317just insane573to518feel such joy665joy319others feel pain636full32021There 322is no way to change this656full63323angry heart36324when love goes665it will3625tear you apart63632627And it's6328been this way366since329time began356It's a3630desperate search36full33for a3631promised land363And the3532years slip by5full66like333so much366sand334355436443738394041424344So many people who are555333345dying to live5763It546tortures my heart6665they've got3347so much to give636full34849I350never saw it as a 66533651battle before3636To352win the fight665there353has to be more636full35455And356there's no way to change this86536357angry heart533cause358all these fears 665will359tear you apart86536061And it's3662been this way 366since363time began356It's an3664endless journey,3636it' the3665fate of man363to366live each day366and367never understand36636869And it's3670been this way366since371time began356It's a3672desperate search36full33for a3673master plan363And the3574years slip by5full66like375water through your hands8656376777879Change tuning (R)
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