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eBGDAE1=74442345678910111213141516171819202122232425263=140272829303132Goin Home 53233Late Last Night765343536Suddenly I363637Got a Fright3673839ya I looked through a Window364036333641And Surprised What I Saw367543424344Fairies With boots are63644445Dancin With Dwarfs3665446All Right Now64763484950515253Ya fairies wear boots335436336And Ya…3…Gotta believe me55366635657I saw3658it336I saw it33I tell You no Lies6359673536061Ya fairies wear boots 336236336363ya gotta believe me366636465566I saw it I saw it553553I tell You No…37…Lies67665368All Right Now66963707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104105106=741071081091101111121131141151161171183=140119120121122123ya fairies wear boots3312436336and ya gotta believe me312536663126127Ya I saw it I saw it 361283363I tell you no lies3631296735313013133132Ya faries wear boots and ya gotta believe me363363133366631341355136I saw it I saw it With My 55355337137Own two eyes6653138All Right Now6139631401411423636363143could do ya6663144145he said son son uv…36…gone to far146363614736765148149Cause…3…smokin and drippin is all that you do150336336151366533152153YA!3154155156157158159160161162163164165166167168169170171172173174175176177178179180181Change tuning (R)