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d#A#F#C#G#D#1=8844234567891011121314Verse 1Sing me a song7757you're a singer58515716do me a wrong77107you're a brin -58517ger of evil8785The518devil is never a ma -777758519ker7the520less that you give7777you're a ta -58521ker8So it's5722Choruson and on and on8757523it's heaven and hell75875242526272829The730Verse 2lover of life's not a sin -777758531er7the532ending is just a begin-777758533ner8the534closer you get to the mea -758558535ning7the536sooner you'll know 7777that you're drea -58537ming8So It's5738Choruson and on and on8757539oh it's5740on and on and on8757541so it's5742on8and on85and543on7heaven and hell71075448545I5can tell854687547fool748fool749505152Interludeooh853ooh754uuh107558556yeah1075785585960Bridge616263Well if it85864seems to be real,7777it's illu -58565sion7for every58566moment of truth,71075there's con -8767fusion in life587568love can be seen as the an -558558569swer7but570no - body bleeds for the dan -7107558571cer8And it's5772on and on875on and on and on8757573757575757475Solo767778798081828384858687888990912492449394959697=1049899100101102103104105106107108They7109saythat life's a carousel7775588110spinning fast, you've got to ride it well77107775785111world is full of kings and queens7775588who5112blind your eyes and steal your dreams it's77755887113heaven and hell8875114They7115tell you black is really white7775588the moon57116is just the sun at night775588and when57117you walk in golden halls775588it's you57118to keep the gold that falls775588it's7119heaven and hell8875120121fool, fool77122aou got to bleed for the7107557123dancer88124fool,7125fool7126look for the1075127answer88128fool, fool,77129fool7130131132133134135136137138=60139140641414414214364144441451466414744148
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