Standard (EADGBE)


Who makes up all the rules

about those girls I want?

Who tells them all to

laugh? Who tells them

all to talk about me?

And I'm not sure what my

purpose is for being here

Why do they why do they

Always kick me in

the groin when I come near

(And I'm not complaining it

just hurts after a bit)

Verse 1

I don't know what I'm feeling

I'm just so sick of seeing

All those dumb lame

and retarded broads

Who often just sit kick back

As I am not so relaxed

I often wonder

why they act so odd


Because no worse a time

When it's just your time to

Think you should make your move

It doesn't work cause you're

just a jerk with no excuse


Verse 2

What about that situation

All night procrastination

Take her to the point when

you lead her to her door

There is nothing

left there to say

I guess you best

be on your way

But before you go you've

got to do that chore

(Repeat Chorus)

Drum solo



Please won't you buy

in I'm always trying

I keep on trying

There's only so much

pride that I can lose

I hope that when you see me

You see right through me

Come on now honestly

I'm so sick of ending

up without a clue