eBGDAE1=170442345678910111213141516When I hear.... 97751797the sound of concrete and steel751897977597I sense a rythm97751997that science can't feel752097977597I feel the beat97752175of our hearts as…75…one2297977597I hold your colour9775239797when my vision is gone752497977597This power is something…972575759775but the force is blind97972675757597Transmitted through a network7527979775977528of your own kind97759775As minutes tick away97297575977575and days become years75309797977531I know this old feeling97759797759732it's a substance in my tears977597977533And the kids on the street9775975334And the kids 53753597everywhere75975336And all I gotta say…5337979775759738is the kids don't care759775975339684041244244434445When I hear.... 9775469747I sense a…9775…rythm489749I feel the beat9775509751I hold your colour977552977553When you've got me running…975475757597and you stop my machine7555979775977556You try to tell me something97759775979757that has never been75759775When you stop me running7558979797759759with my own pack9775979760You know you've got me swearing 75759775757561that I'll get my own back9797977562And the kids on the street9775975363And the kids 53756497everywhere75975365And all I gotta say…5366979775759767is the kids don't care759775975368686970247144727374757677787980818283848586When I hear.... 97758797the sound of concrete and steel758897977597I sense a rythm97758997that science can't feel759097977597I feel the beat97759197of our hearts as…75…one9297977597I hold your colour9775939797when my vision is gone759497977597This power is something…979575759775but the force is blind97979675757597Transmitted through a network7597979775977598of your own kind97759775As minutes tick away97997575977575and days become years7510097979775101I know this old feeling977597977597102it's a substance in my tears9775979775103And the kids on the street97759753104And the kids 537510597everywhere759753106And all I gotta say…531079797757597108is the kids don't care75977597531096811011124112And the kids on the street9775975344113And the kids 537511497everywhere759753115And all I gotta say 531169797757597117is the kids don't care7597759753118681191202412144122Change tuning (R)