eBGDAE1=150442345678910111213How many times55531415do I have to tell you?33131316173that these are my things31313185that these are8519my things!81020You've been3321running your mouth555322and the3323the people've been listening3331324So325if you want to throw down and333363126go down-town13327any time, any damn time, any time of the11311331131328week32930see331I know that you're hating anti-5555311332cipating a breakthrough555531333435I've been there, done that, over with, ain't no-13333133336thing you can teach me1333133738Ain't339Got no time for Le Baron ain't5555311340got no time for The Alibi55553134142And143no we ain't cool boy3331344don't even try...11134546I'm going11147ruin your life13048I'm going11149ruin your life13050I'm going11151ruin your life13052See, 3full53we ain't at school55535455snitches get stitches333635657you might be fast, boy3336358but I'm faster than3333659you360So361let's make this clear55536263no misunderstandings33136364Bet-165ter watch where you're walking and333363166what you say13367any time, any damn time, any time of the11311331131368week36970see371I know that you're hating anti-5555311372cipating a breakthrough555531737475I've been there, done that, over with, ain't no-13333133376thing you can teach me1333137778Ain't379Got no time for yo yo ain't got5555311380no time for The Groucho55553138182And183no we ain't cool and you33313384don't even, don't even8138133385know!3full8687883x89I'm going33390ruin your life35391I'm going33392ruin your life35393949596979899100101102103104105106107108109How many times5553110111do I have to tell you?3313131121133that these are my things313131145that these are85115my things!8101161171184x119I'm going333120ruin your life353121I'm going333122ruin your life353123I'm going333124ruin your life353125I'm going333126ruin your life353127128129130131Change tuning (R)