gDAE1=102682A55743E77764D55565E77576A Verse Darlin', darlin',5757darling, I 5758D can`t wait to55359E see you, Your7710C#m picture ain`t466611enough - I466612B can't wait to799913E touch you - in the777714A flesh557415E77616D556171E7757182E Went77777719(:58) C#m walkin one44444420day on the44442321G#m lower East44444422side44444423F# Met you with a244424girl friend244425A You were so55555526G#m divine - She said44444427C#m hands off this one4444428sweetie4444429G#m This boy is44444430mine - I44444431F# couldn't re244432sist you, I'm not244433A deaf, dumb and55555534Bm blind77777735A55557436E77777637D55555638E77775739A Verse Darlin', darlin',57540darling, now57541D you`re out of553542E town - Those7743C#m girls that you466644run with - they466645B bring my head799946E down - Ooh77747A Darlin,57548darlin, watch57549D out - if I553550E see you - cause if7751C#m you say hello466652C#m It`ll466653B mean you wanna799954E see me - in the777755A flesh557456E Ooh,77657D warm and555658E soft, in the775759A flesh557460E Ooh,77661D close and555662E hot in the779663A flesh77777764E Ooh,99999965D77777766E7767A1468Change tuning (R)