Standard (EADGBE)

Johnny?s in the basement mixing up the medicine,

I?m on the pavement thinking ?bout the government.

A man in a trench coat, bad job, laid off,

Says he?s got a bad cough, wants to get it paid off-

Look out kid, it?s something you did,

God knows when but you?re doing it again

Better duck down an alleyway,

Looking for a new friend.

A man in a coonskin-cap in a pig-pen

Wants eleven dollar bills, and you only got ten.

[A7 w/ harmonica]

Maggie comes fleet-foot,

Face full of black soot

Talking that the Heat put

Plants in the bed, but

The phone?s tapped anyway.

Maggie says that many say

They must bus in early May,

Orders from the D.A.

Look out kid, no matter what you did,

Walk on your tip-toes,

Don?t tie no bows,

Better stay away from those

Who carry around a fire hose.

Keep a clean nose,

Wash your clean clothes,

You don?t need a weatherman

To know which way the wind blows.

[A7 w/ harmonica]

Get sick, get well,

Hang around an ink well,

Hang a bell, hard to tell

If anything?s gonna sell

Try hard, get barred,

Get back, ride the rails,

Get jailed, jump bail,

Join the army if you fail

Look out kid, you?re gonna get hit

By users, cheaters, six-time losers

Hanging around the theaters.

The girl by the whirlpool?s

Looking for a new fool,

Don?t follow leaders

Watch the parking meters.

[A7 w/ harmonica]

Get born, keep warm,

Short pants, Romance

Learn to dance, get dressed,

Get blessed, try to be a success.

Please her, please him,

Buy gifts, don?t steal, don?t lift,

Twenty years of schooling

And they put you on the day shift.

Look out kid, they keep it all hid.

Better jump down a man-hole,

Light yourself a candle.

Don?t wear sandals,

Try to avoid the scandals.

Don?t want to be a bum,

You better learn to chew gum

The pump don?t work

?Cause the vandals took the handles!