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d#A#F#C#G#D#1Intro=1004423456789Lay3yor hands33 on1 me310lay2your0hand on me30311lay your hand on me113331213lay your hand on me15191715191715191713171515191714lay your hand on me19232117211915191712161415191715lay your hands on me____13171513171515191715191715full19full17full1617181844192021If you’re ready, I’m willing and able32322Verse 133235233Help me lay my…032…cards out on the table2433235253You’re mine and I’m yours for the taking3232633203273Right now the rules we made are meant for breaking0322835235293What you …3…get ain’t always what you see30Pre-Chorus3335313131But …2…satisfaction’s guaranteed322253333What you…3… get ain’t always what you see34333531313536So if you want me to11111137lay my hands on you3333538Chorus3lay your hand on me15191715191715191713171515191739lay your hand on me19232117211915191712161415191740lay your hands on me____1317151317151519171519171519174142lay your hand on me15191715191715191713171515191743lay your hand on me19232117211915191712161415191744lay your hands on me____1317151317151519171519171519174546I’m a fighter, I’m a poet, I’m a preacher3247Verse 233235483I’ve been to 3full3249school and baby, I’ve been the teacher3323357503If you show me how to get up off the ground3325133235523I can show you how to fly and never ever come back3253325543232355Pre-ChorusEverything you want is what I need3335313156Satisfaction’s…2… guaranteed572253358But the…3…ride don’t never ever come for free59333531316061So if you want me to11111162lay my hands on you3333563Chorus3lay your hand on me15191715191715191713171515191764lay your hand on me19232117211915191712161415191765lay your hands on me____1317151317151519171519171519176667lay your hand on me15191715191715191713171515191768lay your hand on me19232117211915191712161415191769lay your hands on me____13171513171515191715191715191770711872Solo44737475767778798081828384858687388Don’t you know I only aim to please333531318990So if you want me to11111191lay my hands on you3333592393949596979899100101102103104105106107108Lay3yor hands33 on1 me3109lay2your0hand on me303110lay your hand on me11333111112Outrolay your hand on me151917151917151917131715151917113lay your hand on me192321172119151917121614151917114lay your hands on me____131715131715151917151917151917115116oh oh oh oh oh151917151917151917131715151917117oh oh oh oh oh192321172119151917121614151917118lay your hand on me110110312312312119120oh oh oh oh oh151917151917151917131715151917121oh oh oh oh oh192321172119151917121614151917122lay your hand on me110110312312312123124lay your hand on me151917151917151917131715151917125lay your hand on me192321172119151917121614151917126lay your hands on me____131715131715151917151917151917127128lay your hand on me151917151917151917131715151917129lay your hand on me192321172119151917121614151917130lay your hands on me____131715131715151917151917151917131132
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