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eBGDAE100:22 Bass intro=12000000033333344255555577777730000003333334555555753500:300000003333336555555777777700000033333385555557539verse0Fuck you!000003Fuck You33333105Fuck you and fuck society too5555577711Fuck you0000003Fuck you33333125Fuck you and fuck the world because55555753130My kind000003my kind33333145my kind belongs nowhere55555777150my kind000003my kind33333165my kind are hated and feared55555753170We all started as someone 0000033333318with a chance to make our way555555777190Sometimes the world was cold0000033333but we waited for the better days32055555577755533210We watched the years go by00000333and33322nothing seemed to change5555557772300We waited, hoped and prayed000033333324as the hard times felt like stinging rain55555577755533250well now that hope is gone00000333333265somewhere it turned to rage55555777270Hatred, violence, booze and crime0000033333328sometimes it seemed the only way55555577 (to get by)7555332900I always known I'd never make it000033333330cause I'm twisted in the brain555555777310But I swear to you all right now00000333333325that I'll never live like tha ones that made me55555777555 hate333300Fuck you x20000333333345fuck you and fuck society too55555777350Fuck you x200000333333365fuck you and fuck the world because55555753370my kind x200000333333385my kind belongs nowhere55555777390my kind x2000003333334055my kind are hated and feared5555753410I know I'm going nowhere and0000033333342I've been on a loosing streak55555577743and a scumbag, zero and the anti-hero000000333333445are all you think of me (and you're right)5555577755533450I know I'm going nowhere and0000033333346I've been on a loosing streak555555777470and a lowlife, loser and dead-end cruiser00000333333485are all you think of me5555577 (but I say)7555334900FY x20000333333505FY and fuck society too55555777510FY x200000333333525FY and fuck the world5555577755533530MK x200000333333545MK belongs nowhere555557775500MK x20000333333565MK are hated and feared55555777555335700FY x20000333333585FY and fuck society too555557775900FY x20000333333605FY and fuck mankind55555777610MK x200000333333625MK belongs nowhere5555577755533630MK x200000333333645My kind are hated and feared5555577755533650122466I'll never fuckin' live like you=80000000004467=803I'll never fuckin' live like you3333333368=805I'd put a bullet in my fuckin head555555569efore I'd live like people I fuckin' hate777777770 fuck you! fuck you society too=800000000071=8033333333372=8055555555735777777774=800wasted youth0000I never had all the chances00075=8033333333376Wasted youth=805555I never had no saving grace5555775777777778=800Wasted youth00000yeah, I've made a few mistakes0079=8033333333380=805Wasted youth55555but how long will I have to pay55815777777782Some of you were born into happines and wealth=1200383while some of us were born to a life in hell5784and some of us were lost and some of us were found=12003but most of us were beaten by life to the ground85575386And maybe I'll never see the day that I win=1200387but I'll always have time for beer with my friends5788We'll fight everybody and world to the end=1200389and if you fuck with us you'll get your head kicke575 d in39000FY x20000333333915FY and fuck society too55555777920FY x200000333333935FY and fuck the world5555577755533940MK x200000333333955MK belongs nowhere555557779600MK x20000333333975MK are hated and feared55555777555339800FY x20000333333995FY and fuck society too555557771000FY x2000003333331015FY and fuck mankind55555777555331020MK x2000003333331035MK belongs nowhere5555577710400MK x200003333331055MK are hated and feared5555577755533106010710810901100Change tuning (R)