Boston - More Than A Feeling Chords

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I looked out this morning and the sun was gone,

Turned on some music to start my day,

Then lost myself in a familiar song.

I closed my eyes and I

When I'm tired I'm thinking cold,

I hide in my music, forget the day and

Dream of a girl I used to know

I closed my eyes and she slipped away. She slipped away


Chords used:


For the chorus bar chords sound nice on an acoustic, power chords sound

better on electrics.

The chord changes for the solo are as follows:

with / / representing 1 measure.

Additional Notes by Oliver K. Reichl:

There are at least five "guitars" in this tune. The electric is

definitely some sort of Les Paul (of vintage stock with Scholzian

modifications, no doubt).

Guitar #1: 12-string acoustic

Guitar #2: 6-string electric (rhythm, power chords)

Guitar #3: 6-string electric (leads-melody)

Guitar #4: 6-string electric (leads-harmony)

Guitar #5: bass guitar

Tab for pre-chorus riff and main solo by Oliver K. Reichl.

Mallorytown, Ontario - April, 1998.