eBGDAE1=1364423Verse 1Give me a ticket for an ae -22222214ro - plane22Ain't15got time to take the fast train11111162Lone -07ly days are gone0003108I'm a going home00031My29baby just wrote me a letter122122110211Verse 2Don't care how much money i got -222222112ta spend22I've113got to get back to my ba -11111114by20150003101600031217122122118219well she wrote13020Chorusme a letter, said she00333321couldnt live without111011022me no more331323list -024en mister cant you see I003333325got to get back1110to my ba -11026by once more331327anyway030028Verse 32222221292130111111312032000310330003123412212213523613037Chorus00333338111011039331340041003333342111011043331344030045Verse 42222221462147111111482049000310500003125112212215225312212215425556And So On5758596061626364656667Change tuning (R)