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eBGDAE1=954423456789Verse 1With one or two I get used to the room6663310343411We go slow when we first4663312make our moves343413By five or six i bring you out to the car46663314343415Number nine with my head on the…66633…bar163434And it's sad46317Bridge 1but true3618out of cash46319and I3620owe321I got39(harmony)3922Verse 2(You)466desperate desires666666131323and un-admirable plans133413343424My tongue will taste of gin an malicious intent666666666613132513341334bring you343426back to the bar, get you out of the cold666666661313271334133428Sober straight face gets66666666131329you out of your clothes1334133434And you're scared461330Bridge 2that we know34635631All the crimes34461332I'll commit34635633Who they'll kiss before336634they get home6463435Chorus 1I636will lie awake436437638Lie for fun43and fake6439the way I hold you4436403So you4441fall for every empty word I say4443642433443Verse 3Barely concious in the doorway you stand6663334434344456Your eyes are fighting sleep66663346your mouth makes your demands3434447666You laugh at every word, try…6633…to hold to the cue4834344496I almost feel sorry for what I'm gonna do666333503434And your hair46351Bridge 3smells of smoke43652Who will cast46353The fresh stone43654You can sin36655or spend the night all alone464364456Verse 4(Hamrony) Brass buttons on your coat hold the cold66661313135713341334in the343458shape of a heart but they're cut out of stone66666666131359133413343460You're using all your looks that66666666131361you've thrown from the start13341334343462If you let me have my way I swear I'll666666666613131363tear you apart13341334Cos it's all34461364Bridge 4You can be34635665You're a drug34461366And you're scared34635667It's ladies night363666668all the girls drink for free64364469Chorus 2670I will lie awake436471672Lie for fun436473and fake the way I hold you4436743So you4475fall for every4443676empty word I say433477Middle 87879808182838485868788899091929394959697Chorus 3I4998will lie awake476648169949100Lie for fun4766and fake4846101the way I hold you4646664810245So you2626103fall for every empty word I say262626664810426154516105Chorus 4I49106will lie awake4766481610749108Lie for fun4766and fake6846109the way I hold you4646664811045So you2626111fall for every empty word I say262626664811226154516113Outro114115116117118119120
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